Case Studies

We brought 150 million Euros in 12h to our client.

BRIEFING:  Well, there was NO briefing! We brought the idea to client! In 2004 Vic won the biggest Lottery Prize with €584 million. More than 4.000 people were millionare, almost 10.000 was awarded with houndreds of thounsand euros and like 20.000 people with small amounts between €6.000 and 50.000€. Was Friday 22nd of December with 5 free days infront of them. We thought fast. Was an opportunity to our client that we couldn’t let it go for him.

SOLUTION: We considered that the banks rules should be broken, our client should open the same afternoon and on Saturday morning (is something like “impossible” to think in Spain). We thought that the competion was right behind, so we developed a fastest advertising campaign in 4 hours: TV & radio commercials, print media, leaflets, etc. Our client was the smallest bank in the town compared with the size of the International Banks like Santander, BBVA, “La Caixa”, Banc Sabadell Atlàntico, … The big banks they didn’t react till 27th of December. The campaign and the eagers millioneres to get some money to spend on Christmas brought € 150 million in less than 12h. Of course the campaign continue after the bank holiday till get the 25% of the whole amount of the Lotery to our client.

Was one of the most exiting days in our advertising career not just for the RESULTS of our work; was a win-win situation for everyone, the millionare people could get some money to spend and share their joy with their relatives on Christmas Time and our client get an unexpected RESULTS thanks to the professionalism of their Managers and employees.

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Published: 2 junio, 2010

ViscaVic! : How a REALLY small budget became a MILLIONARE campaign.

BRIEFING: Was October 2006 and the City Council of Vic had 21.000 € left from the communication department for all the campaign included the 3 months BOXTOGO rent, radio commercials, employees, brochures, newspapers commercials, leaftlets, a book, etc. . The brief was so opened: just do something to promote the City Town.

SOLUTION: In my period of time the City Council work for us as a client, I saw how many things they were doing, but the citizens didn’t know nothing about, so that’s why I thought an interectative exhibition going through all the neigborghoods showing how many things the City Council was doing and how proud the citizens should be to live in Vic.

RESULTS: Thousands of people visit de exhibition, interacted, attended to the speeches inside the box to go and left their advices to improve their life in the city. Started as an unexpected campaign, as compulsary to spend the amount of money spare from the annual communication budget and became one of the most successful integrated campaigns of the Vic City Council ever.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT: I could not believe it, when 6 months later we finished our campaign, one day having the breakfast I saw on the newspaper the “NEW” Barcelona’s City Council Campaign with the same slogan, the same typography, the same colors and the same communication concept, starting with a budget of 1.617.000€ for 5 weeks just for the strategic planning. Nowadays, is being the Iamsterdam campaign in Barcelona. We can’t show you the first year campaign or any other image here for terms of copyright but you can take a look how is nowadays, and how the ViscaBarcelona Communication Campaign still have all we already did.

Please visit their website and take your own conclusions!

Note: For someone who maybe think about that our campaign was a copied from Iamsterdam just remember that our was created in october 2006 and Iamsterdam was created in 2007 as well as ViscaBarcelona.

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Published: 1 junio, 2010